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My Etsy Shop!!!

Here is a banner, which will lead you to my Etsy shop. Please visit often, as I will continuously be adding new items.

A New Blgo, A New Idea

I have decided to start yet another blog, with a new ONE YEAR goal. I am hoping that, as I write this, a few of you will follow me to my new blog. I am sure it is going to be a blast.
I just purchased a book with 365 daily affirmations. Each day, I will choose a new affirmation, and I will spend my day with it. Each evening, I will write about what I have learned.
There will be NO breaks. For those of you who have missed my daily writing, here it comes, once again. Get ready.
My new blog is on Blogger. Here is the address.
I hope you guys follow me.
Daily writing, here I come.


It has been a LONG drive, to say the least. I am happy to be home, in my blue recliner, listening to my little mutt bark nonstop. When I got home, I made my way to the yarn stash. I pulled out some yarn (yellow, brown, and beige), and thought that I would cozy up, and get to work on crocheting. Well...I quickly came to find that I do NOT want to crochet. No sir! Not today! Not in any way, shape, or form. Tonight, I just want to crash. I will veg in front of the TV, and that is about it.
What can I say? Well, it was an AMAZING trip. We had such a blast. It was the PERFECT birthday for my mom.
We got there this past Sunday. After checking in, and making sure that all the luggage was in the room, we did what most people would do, after spending 4.5 hours in a car. We bee-lined for the bar. The drink of choice: Hurricane. And, not just in any glass. No way. A typical glass would just NOT work. We were there to celebrate, after all. So, we needed to have a celebratory drink, in a MASSIVE glass. The choice was a 60 ounce schooner. (I should say here that I really doubt there is much more alcohol in this glass, than one would find in a can of beer. But still, it is a blast to drink from a glass so FRIGGIN big, that a fish could live in it.) We gambled for a bit...Each of us made 10 bucks last for 2 days straight. How cool is that?
Monday...a trip away from Laughlin. We crossed the river, and were officially in Arizona. We made our way to Oatman, which was a blast, as well. It is this small little town, but it packs quite the punch, for a fun day out.
We were greeted by the locals...

Yup, those are donkeys. Just running all over the street. How friggin cute is that. One of them, a little baby, had a sticker on his head, telling visitors to not feed him.

Now, is it just me, or is this the CUTEST friggin donkey, EVER! He followed us around, the whole time we were there. And, he was all about getting a pat on the head. I wish I could have donkey-napped him, and brought him home with me.
More casino time, and a trip to an 'Outlet', where everything was priced higher, than at the normal stores. (What the heck is up that?) We had dinner at this Italian restaurant, in our hotel. And, it was awesome.
This morning. The sad realization, that the vacation was, in fact, over. We had breakfast at the buffet, where I ordered myself a  yummy omlet. Then, the car ride of eternity, as we made our way home.
And, here is the kicker, to the whole thing.
During the vacation, I walked just shy of 10 miles, total. (Granted, most of the time it was with a walker, but still.) And...No falling! Not once.
You wil have to forgive me for my absence. There was the vacation, and before that, I was busting my butt, on school work, so I wouldn't have to worry about that much, on the trip.
But, here I am...Back, and happy to be home.

10 Years Later

I am watching the news, and crying my eyes out. It is SO incredibly sad, to see this.

Since The Last Post

Last night was just MISERABLE. There is no other way to describe it. It was hot as hell, and it did not cool down, for even a second. It was just awful. I chose to sleep in the living room, because the bedroom was like a FRIGGIN OVEN! (Seriously! Just by going in to get my pillow, I was DRENCHED in sweat.)
Well, the living room, while definitely cooler, had its own set of discomforts. First, sleeping on the floor. Our couches are leather, and not so friendly in the summer. So, I opted for the floor. And, it was hell. Talk about back pain. The entire night, I was TOSSING and TURNING. And, when I woke up this morning, if felt as though I would not be able to move my back at all.
As if sleeping on the floor is not bad enough, my 'sweetie pie' decided to make it that much more, of a memorable night. Let me ask you this. Have you eve rheard  peanuts being consumed a chipper shredder? No? Well...Maybe you should come to our house, and listen. I swear...My sweetiie is sitting on the couch, at the opposite side of the living room. It is FRIGGIN 2am! And, well...I didn't know that peanuts COULD be so friggin loud.
So, after writing my last post, I continued the search for coaster patterns. I eventually found a pattern that will work out nicely. So, I printed it out. I had just about given up on the idea of Laughlin completely, when I received a message. A generous offer was being made. One that I am having a hard time believing, even now. Someone had read my post, and decided that I should be able to take my mother to Laughlin. And, they offered to pay the way, for this trip. Well, needless to say, I was completely teary-eyed. I called my mother over to me, and I read the message to her. And, just like me, she got teary-eyed as well.
So, thank you, to this individual.
We have decided that we will be leaving September 18. I cannot wait. This vacation will be such a PERFECT blessing. I mean, with all the hell we have been through this past year, it will be nice to be able to get away.
Of course, my 'sweetie' is being a complete butt. "Oh. Well, I don't think I will be going." Yup. That was the reply my 'sweetie' (who is, as of now, anything BUT sweet) gave, when I announced that it was going to happen. "I don't have any money to gamble with. And, it would be no fun, if I can't gamble every day. So, you guys should go...Have fun. But, most likely, I will not be going."
Well, you know what, I thought, as I heard this completely butthead remark. To HELL with you! Guess what? This trip is NOT about you! It is about my mom. It is about her, being able to have a good time, after a  year that has been MISERABLE. I said nothing. But, here are my thoughts. If it is just my mother and I, who go to Laughlin, well...I guess how important family is, right? I mean, my 'sweetie' is rarely home anymore, anyway. We are just friggin room and board. Almost every day, for the past MONTH, my sweetie wakes up, and takes a shower. Then, it is off to the Moose, for another day away from us. (I am really getting tired of it, actually.)
"Besides, my mom's birthday has come and gone. And, we did NOTHING for her."
"That isn't true," I said. "I went out and got her something. But you are alway too busy (at the FRIGGIN Moose) to  find the time, to go and take it, and visit."
Then, the truly ASSHOLE remark.
"Well...When you and your mom are in Laughlin, I will just take it to her."
LIKE HELL YOU WILL, I thought. I mean, what a piece of shit thing to say. I was the one who went, and got the gift. And, DAMMIT, I will be there when it is given away.
So, I have officially decided that I will be taking this gift with me. If I can't be a part of giving the gift away, well then...Go buy your own damned gift, and give that instead.
All I can say is this. THINGS BETTER CHANGE REAL DAMNED QUICK. I am tired of being second to the damned Moose Lodge. I really am.
So, there was one thing I had to do, before we go to Laughlin.
Yesterday, I got my financial aid check, for educational needs. And,, my first purchase was a brand new laptop. I have needed it for a while actually. The old desktop, that I have been using, is not reliable at all. So, I got this really durable, really reasonable,  laptop computer.  I mean, that's what the money is for, right. I need certain things, to be the best student that I can be.
So, now I have my computer to take with me to Laughlin. I can do my schoolwork, in the mornings. Then, I can go, and enjoy the day, with my mom. It is the best of both worlds. A great vacation (which, as I have said, is NEEDED), and the ability to continue my classes, without interruption.
So, there it is...
Laughlin IS going to happen. The coasters are still being made. And, regardless of whether my 'sweetie' goes, or not, my mother and I will have a GREAT TIME!!!

The Sad Reality (Birthday Blues)

The truth is, I am heartbroken. I feel terrible, even as I write this. And, to make it even worse, I know that there is no way to do anything about it.
My mother's birthday is at the end of this month. September 29. And, some of you may remember that last year, we did a cruise. I had hopes that it would be good. But, it turned out terrible. Her birthday gift, for last year: a broken neck.
This year has just plain sucked. There is no kinder way to put it. I mean, my aunt and uncle both betrayed her. My uncle, if you will recall, accused her of thievery. My aunt put him up to it. (I know...WHAT A GRADE A BITCH!)
They both left, on bad terms. And my mother felt like she had lost two of her siblings. It was not a good time. She sank into a depression, as anybody would.
Then, shortly after...another devastation. My aunt B. The sibling that my mother shared the strongest bond with, passed away, from stomach cancer.
On top of it all, there are the money issues. Every single day, we are in fear of losing our home. And, in truth, I feel that I am to blame. At least a little. And, even as I blame myself, I know it is STUPID! But, I can't help but feel that, if I had told my mother about what an abusive ass my 'father' was earlier, she would have been better able to prepare for a future, on her own. And, we would not be in the situation we are in, right now.
September 29...My mother's birthday. And, I wanted to do something. I wanted to take her to Laughlin. The room is 40 a night. I just wanted to take her for the weekend. You know, have this great weekend, to help relieve some of the stress. Give her at least one good time, this year. But, it isn't going to happen. There is simply no money, for it.
Last night, I spent 10 dollars on her. There is this purple dreamcatcher I saw online. I thought she might like it. So, I got it. 10 bucks total. And, the sad part...I know that even this is more than we can afford right now. I spent 10 dollars on my mother, and I know that I shouldn't have. I know we didn't have it, to spend.
It is just an awful feeling. It is terrible.
This morning I woke up, and I started searching the internet. My mother's birthday will be a dreamcatcher, and some crocheted coasters.  That's it. That is all I can give. And, as I was searching for the perfect pattern, I kept thinking about how much I wish I take her to Laughlin. I kept thinking how nice it would be, to see her having a good weekend.
Oh well.
The dreamcatcher is BEAUTIFUL.
And, I still am searching for the perfect pattern. I will not settle for anything less than perfect. If coasters are going to be the main gift that I give, then I will make them kick-ass, in every way.
If any of you read this, and have great coaster patterns, please send them my way.

Finally...I Am Back

Don't you just hate it when everything seems to go ALL WRONG, all at once?
Just after submitting my last post, my computer decided to act up. First, it froze, as old computers tend to do. The computer and I spent the next two days playing the game of "Freeze whenever Michael tries to do anything." Seriously, it was bad. Schoolwork became a NIGHTMARE. I had to make daily trips to the library, just so I could get my work in on time. It was awful.
Then, the computer tired of continually freezing. And I thought all would be good. I was just getting ready to post an entry here, when LO AND FRIGGIN BEHOLD, the internet said goodbye. So, more daily trips to the library, to do schoolwork. And, a longer friggin vacation from blogging.
What a nightmare.
I am happy to say that FINALLY, all has been resolved. The computer is acting rather nicely, and the internet is no longer giving me issues. So, here I am...FINALLY BACK!
Good news to report...
I have ACED every written essay, in my English class. I am just tickled pink, about this. As a writer, this makes me feel pretty damned good.
I will be back tomorrow morning, and I expect my entry will be rather lengthy. Just know that I am still here. And, were it not for the lack of lighting in the computer room, I would keep typing tonight. But, I cannot even see the keyboard.
So, until tomorrow.
Happy crocheting.

A Day Without Crochet....Outline, Anyone?

I still continue to be completely amazed, at just how many of you followed me over, from my previous blog. Every time I think about it, I feel totally honored. You all have treated me so wonderfully, and I consider myself very lucky. Because of all of you, leaving my Project (which was bound to be difficult) was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Sure, it is awful, and I still miss it daily. But, you all have made this so much easier on me. Thank you, so very much. I was reviewing some of the notes left, on the last entry of The Yarn Project. I would to take the time to share them with you. adelheid_p wrote the following comment: I'm not going anywhere. I enjoy reading your entries and they don't have to be about the project but boy did I learn, that I probably didn't want to try loom knitting! LOL! I think you should try bundling up your entries thus far (or as of the first year anniversary) in the yarn project and selling this as a book. In fact, you might just continue the project so you can write a sequel. ;-) Kae1crafts wrote: Michael, The others have expressed my feelings very well. Family first is always key in my book. You have accomplished a lot with the yarn project and it hasn't ended it is just extended. The writing a book about it and your journey learning to walk is an excellent idea. You have much of the information already compiled here. Just add some more of the medical stuff and change the names to protect the guilty! LOL. I'd like to suggest that you not only crochet items for your Etsy shop but that you make and refine the pattern for your Halloween Bag and sell the pattern. Most people sell them as a PDF file and I believe the software is free to create a PDF file. That would be a timely project with fall coming up and it would be consistant money with no added effort on your part. Best of luck on your Etsy shop. Be sure to keep all of your 'groupies' informed so we can support, toot your horn and help you any way we can. Hugs and prayers, Kae Well... In both of the comment written above, it was reccommended that I attempt to write a book. And, I  have thought about it, for a while. (I was even thinking about it before The Yarn Project came to its early close.) I mean, I am a writer. Though I have no published books to date, I am still a writer, by nature. I believe that everyone has a story. We all have something to share, with the world. (Isn't this why we write blogs: To share experiences, and ideas?) For the past few months, actually, I have been mentally creating an outline, as to how to write a memoire. In it, I will write about my surgery, The Yarn Project, and learning to walk again. I will write about the transformations I have underwent. I plan to talk about how The Yarn Project helped me, in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Today, I actually started writing. I finished my schoolwork, and had this overwhelming desire, to just pound out my story on the keyboard. So...When it is done, what will happen? Will I get it published? I hope to. I guess we will just have to wait and see. But, I wanted to let you know. I am writing about this experience. And, it is, in part, because of you guys, and your support. Thank you again.

The Special Plan, For The Day

This morning, I woke up at just past 6am. I made my way to the kitchen, got my dog his food, started coffee, then made my way to the red couch, in the living room. The TV went on, and, as I watched the news about the HORRIBLE hurricane Irene, I crocheted my Granny Rectrangle rainbow afghan. I must admit...I am actually happy my aunt moved away. At first (if you will remember), this particular was to be for her. But, I must admit...I am kind of LOVING it. I am SO FRIGGIN HAPPY, that I get to be greedy, and keep it for myself. I am so close to be finished with it. I have a few more rounds to do, in Red Heart Mexicana. Then, I will work a border, in purple yarn. I am not really sure what type of border I will do yet. I may just do another round, the same as the rest of the afghan. Or, I may choose something fancy-schmancy. I guess that only time will tell.
After crocheting/watching news/drinking two GIGANTIC cups of coffee, it was just shy of 8am. And, I had to go out, and water the garden. Oh joy! Even this early, it was BAKING outside. And, living on 4 acres of land, we don't just have one small garden. We have numerous gardens, sort of scattered across the property. Total time, to water the gardens...Roughly 45 minutes. By the time I got inside, I was sweating up a storm. (It is horrible, that it is SO DAMNED HOT, so early in the morning!)
I took a quick shower, then got dressed, in HORRIBLY UGLY stay home clothing. I made my way to the computer, and did my schoolwork. (Did I tell you guys that I got a 100% on last weeks written assignment? YAY! GO ME!!!) Then, blog time.
When I was doing my schoolwork, I decided that I want today to be a day, when I remember my aunt Betty. Sure...I remember her almost daily. But, I want to devote today to her. It may sound weird. But, there it is.
So, when I crochet today, it will be my mother's afghan. That will be all I work on today. I will look at that one little row, in this afghan, and I will allow myself to remember all the GREAT times, I had with my aunt. I just feel like I need a day, to devote to these memories.
So, I am off. Time to start.

It's Too HOT!!!

Is it just me, or has this Summer been absolutely BRUTAL!!! Yesterday, it was beyond hot. It was in the triple digits, in the Temecula/Winchester area. Not fun, my friends. Not fun at all!!!
So, yesterday was a busy day, to say the least.
I had a 9:30 physical therapy appointment. So, I set my alarm for three hours earlier. I need my morning time.
My sweetie was, well...being a bit of an ass, yesterday. I am one of those people, that like to be EARLY, for everything. It is always better to be early, than to be late. I prefer leaving my house 30 minutes prior to my appointments. This allows time for traffic, red lights, and other unexpected complications, on the journey. Anyway, one hour before we are to leave, I wake my sweetie up. "You have one hour, to get up, and get ready. If you not ready at 9, on the dot, you will be left behind." Even as I said this, I knew what would happen. My sweetie would go back to sleep for 30 minutes, then allow 30 minutes to get ready.
Sure enough...8:30am. My sweetie comes out of the room. Coffee...Oh, and time to converse. And, the more I stressed out, the more humor my sweetie seemed to find. The longer the procrastination went on.
"I just love making you stress out." Yup...Those words were actually spoken to me. To which, I responded with: "Bite me! Get your lazy ass in the shower, RIGHT NOW! And, if you are not ready, you will be left. Do you understand?"
It completely pisses me off. My sweetie is always talking about how 'time has value'. Well...apparently not. And, it angers me. I mean, if it was my sweetie who had the appointment, I wouldn't care. Go ahead. Be friggin late. Whatever! But, DO NOT do all you can, to stress me out, and guarantee that I will be late, to MY appointments. I mean, that is just a shitty thing to do, right?
It turns out, I was on time. But only barely. And, I made it very clear on the way to my appointment, just how 'not funny' I thought the whole thing was.
Physical Therapy...
The treadmill time got bumped up. 12 Minutes this time. 12 fall free minutes. Afterwards, I felt like my friggin legs were just going to fall off. But, there was also great satisfaction. And, I have noticed that walking with just the one cane is becoming easier by the day. I am taking longer strides, with each step, and putting less actual pressure on the cane. I am feeling much steadier with it, now. And, I am able to do quite a bit of walking with it.
Another new, and exciting (at least to me) piece of news...
One of my exercises while at therapy, is to walk, between the hand-bars. Well...Yesterday, I decided to try walking, NOT holding on to the bars. I mean, they were there for me, if I needed them. But, let's just see how far I can make it, holding on to NOTHING at all.
Well...I am able to get about 15 steps done. Then, I have to grab hold of the bars. Now, I know this is just a very baby step forwards. And, I still have a lot of work to do. But, I mean...It is something, right? I have taken my first steps, as an adult, with NO assistance, of any kind. How FLIPPIN' cool is that? I was pleased as punch, myself.
After physical therapy, I went to Michael's. I bought myself some glittery Halloween stickers, which I went about fixing to my cane. Finally...something to make it fun! I also got some eyelash yarn, for witch hats, and other goodies. I got purple eyelash yarn, to fix to the brim of the witch hat, for adelheid_p. I also got some red eyelash yarn, and some white. (I am sure I will be able to create some Christmas goodies, which incorporate this awesome yarns.)
Then, home...
First stop, the computer. School work had to be done. And, let me just say this, right now. This friggin office is the WORST place, during hot days. The desk is right under a friggin sky-light. So, there I am, doing my schoolwork, and I feel as though I am in some GIANT oven. It was EXCRUCIATING!!! I finished my school stuff, as fast as I could, and I halled ass, out of the computer room, and to the living room, where an air conditioner is right by my blue recliner.
So, this morning, before coming to my blog, I finished snoglobel's candy corn witch hat. And, I took a picture of it, to display here.
(For snoglobel: The hat can be purchased at my Etsy shop. I have it reserved especially for you!)
This evening, I will begin working on adelheid_p's purple and black witch hat.
I am hoping to get a bit of work done, on the Christmas afghans today, as well. Since it will be to friggin hot, to even DARE going outside, I think that, if I stay in front of an air conditioner, I can get quite a bit done. We shall see.
Well...That is it, for today.
Until next time...
Happy crocheting!