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September 7th, 2011

Since The Last Post

Last night was just MISERABLE. There is no other way to describe it. It was hot as hell, and it did not cool down, for even a second. It was just awful. I chose to sleep in the living room, because the bedroom was like a FRIGGIN OVEN! (Seriously! Just by going in to get my pillow, I was DRENCHED in sweat.)
Well, the living room, while definitely cooler, had its own set of discomforts. First, sleeping on the floor. Our couches are leather, and not so friendly in the summer. So, I opted for the floor. And, it was hell. Talk about back pain. The entire night, I was TOSSING and TURNING. And, when I woke up this morning, if felt as though I would not be able to move my back at all.
As if sleeping on the floor is not bad enough, my 'sweetie pie' decided to make it that much more, of a memorable night. Let me ask you this. Have you eve rheard  peanuts being consumed a chipper shredder? No? Well...Maybe you should come to our house, and listen. I swear...My sweetiie is sitting on the couch, at the opposite side of the living room. It is FRIGGIN 2am! And, well...I didn't know that peanuts COULD be so friggin loud.
So, after writing my last post, I continued the search for coaster patterns. I eventually found a pattern that will work out nicely. So, I printed it out. I had just about given up on the idea of Laughlin completely, when I received a message. A generous offer was being made. One that I am having a hard time believing, even now. Someone had read my post, and decided that I should be able to take my mother to Laughlin. And, they offered to pay the way, for this trip. Well, needless to say, I was completely teary-eyed. I called my mother over to me, and I read the message to her. And, just like me, she got teary-eyed as well.
So, thank you, to this individual.
We have decided that we will be leaving September 18. I cannot wait. This vacation will be such a PERFECT blessing. I mean, with all the hell we have been through this past year, it will be nice to be able to get away.
Of course, my 'sweetie' is being a complete butt. "Oh. Well, I don't think I will be going." Yup. That was the reply my 'sweetie' (who is, as of now, anything BUT sweet) gave, when I announced that it was going to happen. "I don't have any money to gamble with. And, it would be no fun, if I can't gamble every day. So, you guys should go...Have fun. But, most likely, I will not be going."
Well, you know what, I thought, as I heard this completely butthead remark. To HELL with you! Guess what? This trip is NOT about you! It is about my mom. It is about her, being able to have a good time, after a  year that has been MISERABLE. I said nothing. But, here are my thoughts. If it is just my mother and I, who go to Laughlin, well...I guess how important family is, right? I mean, my 'sweetie' is rarely home anymore, anyway. We are just friggin room and board. Almost every day, for the past MONTH, my sweetie wakes up, and takes a shower. Then, it is off to the Moose, for another day away from us. (I am really getting tired of it, actually.)
"Besides, my mom's birthday has come and gone. And, we did NOTHING for her."
"That isn't true," I said. "I went out and got her something. But you are alway too busy (at the FRIGGIN Moose) to  find the time, to go and take it, and visit."
Then, the truly ASSHOLE remark.
"Well...When you and your mom are in Laughlin, I will just take it to her."
LIKE HELL YOU WILL, I thought. I mean, what a piece of shit thing to say. I was the one who went, and got the gift. And, DAMMIT, I will be there when it is given away.
So, I have officially decided that I will be taking this gift with me. If I can't be a part of giving the gift away, well then...Go buy your own damned gift, and give that instead.
All I can say is this. THINGS BETTER CHANGE REAL DAMNED QUICK. I am tired of being second to the damned Moose Lodge. I really am.
So, there was one thing I had to do, before we go to Laughlin.
Yesterday, I got my financial aid check, for educational needs. And,, my first purchase was a brand new laptop. I have needed it for a while actually. The old desktop, that I have been using, is not reliable at all. So, I got this really durable, really reasonable,  laptop computer.  I mean, that's what the money is for, right. I need certain things, to be the best student that I can be.
So, now I have my computer to take with me to Laughlin. I can do my schoolwork, in the mornings. Then, I can go, and enjoy the day, with my mom. It is the best of both worlds. A great vacation (which, as I have said, is NEEDED), and the ability to continue my classes, without interruption.
So, there it is...
Laughlin IS going to happen. The coasters are still being made. And, regardless of whether my 'sweetie' goes, or not, my mother and I will have a GREAT TIME!!!


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