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It's Too HOT!!!

Is it just me, or has this Summer been absolutely BRUTAL!!! Yesterday, it was beyond hot. It was in the triple digits, in the Temecula/Winchester area. Not fun, my friends. Not fun at all!!!
So, yesterday was a busy day, to say the least.
I had a 9:30 physical therapy appointment. So, I set my alarm for three hours earlier. I need my morning time.
My sweetie was, well...being a bit of an ass, yesterday. I am one of those people, that like to be EARLY, for everything. It is always better to be early, than to be late. I prefer leaving my house 30 minutes prior to my appointments. This allows time for traffic, red lights, and other unexpected complications, on the journey. Anyway, one hour before we are to leave, I wake my sweetie up. "You have one hour, to get up, and get ready. If you not ready at 9, on the dot, you will be left behind." Even as I said this, I knew what would happen. My sweetie would go back to sleep for 30 minutes, then allow 30 minutes to get ready.
Sure enough...8:30am. My sweetie comes out of the room. Coffee...Oh, and time to converse. And, the more I stressed out, the more humor my sweetie seemed to find. The longer the procrastination went on.
"I just love making you stress out." Yup...Those words were actually spoken to me. To which, I responded with: "Bite me! Get your lazy ass in the shower, RIGHT NOW! And, if you are not ready, you will be left. Do you understand?"
It completely pisses me off. My sweetie is always talking about how 'time has value'. Well...apparently not. And, it angers me. I mean, if it was my sweetie who had the appointment, I wouldn't care. Go ahead. Be friggin late. Whatever! But, DO NOT do all you can, to stress me out, and guarantee that I will be late, to MY appointments. I mean, that is just a shitty thing to do, right?
It turns out, I was on time. But only barely. And, I made it very clear on the way to my appointment, just how 'not funny' I thought the whole thing was.
Physical Therapy...
The treadmill time got bumped up. 12 Minutes this time. 12 fall free minutes. Afterwards, I felt like my friggin legs were just going to fall off. But, there was also great satisfaction. And, I have noticed that walking with just the one cane is becoming easier by the day. I am taking longer strides, with each step, and putting less actual pressure on the cane. I am feeling much steadier with it, now. And, I am able to do quite a bit of walking with it.
Another new, and exciting (at least to me) piece of news...
One of my exercises while at therapy, is to walk, between the hand-bars. Well...Yesterday, I decided to try walking, NOT holding on to the bars. I mean, they were there for me, if I needed them. But, let's just see how far I can make it, holding on to NOTHING at all.
Well...I am able to get about 15 steps done. Then, I have to grab hold of the bars. Now, I know this is just a very baby step forwards. And, I still have a lot of work to do. But, I mean...It is something, right? I have taken my first steps, as an adult, with NO assistance, of any kind. How FLIPPIN' cool is that? I was pleased as punch, myself.
After physical therapy, I went to Michael's. I bought myself some glittery Halloween stickers, which I went about fixing to my cane. Finally...something to make it fun! I also got some eyelash yarn, for witch hats, and other goodies. I got purple eyelash yarn, to fix to the brim of the witch hat, for adelheid_p. I also got some red eyelash yarn, and some white. (I am sure I will be able to create some Christmas goodies, which incorporate this awesome yarns.)
Then, home...
First stop, the computer. School work had to be done. And, let me just say this, right now. This friggin office is the WORST place, during hot days. The desk is right under a friggin sky-light. So, there I am, doing my schoolwork, and I feel as though I am in some GIANT oven. It was EXCRUCIATING!!! I finished my school stuff, as fast as I could, and I halled ass, out of the computer room, and to the living room, where an air conditioner is right by my blue recliner.
So, this morning, before coming to my blog, I finished snoglobel's candy corn witch hat. And, I took a picture of it, to display here.
(For snoglobel: The hat can be purchased at my Etsy shop. I have it reserved especially for you!)
This evening, I will begin working on adelheid_p's purple and black witch hat.
I am hoping to get a bit of work done, on the Christmas afghans today, as well. Since it will be to friggin hot, to even DARE going outside, I think that, if I stay in front of an air conditioner, I can get quite a bit done. We shall see.
Well...That is it, for today.
Until next time...
Happy crocheting!


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Aug. 26th, 2011 06:30 pm (UTC)

That candy corn hat is awesome!!! LOVE IT!!!

Thanks for sharing that you were able to take 15 steps without assistance. That is beyond WONDERFUL!!! Before long you may have to carry the cane for decoration and swagger rather than need.

I agree, in front of the air conditioner is the only place to be when the temp climbs to 90 and above.

My mom was chronically late to the point that I usually told her what time I needed to be someplace and varied the time by half and hour to an hour before the appointment or program actually started. I too hate being late.

Hugs and happy stitching,


Aug. 26th, 2011 07:04 pm (UTC)
Live Journal is acting strange today so I accidently posted a duplicate post - then I deleted one and now the comment count is off. Sorry for any confusion.


Aug. 26th, 2011 07:19 pm (UTC)
That hat is awesome! Now I want candy corn, it looks almost good enough to eat!

Fifteen Steps with out holding on to anything is awesome progress!

We have been having remarkably fall like weather. Cool evenings, days reaching the high 70s or low 80s.
Aug. 27th, 2011 01:35 am (UTC)
Love the candy corn hat!

This has been our coolest summer in the SF Bay Area.
Aug. 30th, 2011 08:09 am (UTC)
Congratulations! 15 steps with no support is absolutely fantastic! And the candy corn hat is wonderful!
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